Journal Club Storage Bank

What is the Journal Club Bank (JCB)?
The Journal Club Bank is an electronic repository. It allows academic centers to store and share their journal club summaries in a way that allows rapid retrieval at the bedside for reference in the course of patient care, or for the purposes of reviewing, updating or expanding them. While the EBEM group maintains the JCB, we do NOT edit or review the JCB.

The JCB is a form-based question/answer entry sheet; its content is based on JAMA's Users' Guides to the Medical Literature. The JCB incorporates these evidence based questions to help the user along in journal reviews. The journal club reviewer will be presented with appropriate questions to answer for the subject i.e. questions relating to diagnosis will appear only for diagnostic articles. In addition, we have supplied ONLINE CALCULATORS to assist in the review. These calculators are embedded within the online form so that the reviewer can simply enter the appropriate data during the journal review.

After entering the data and submitting the form, the reviewer will receive a printable (or to be saved on your hard drive) page containing all of the appropriate questions/answers and calculations regarding that journal review.

The submitted journal will then be appropriately formatted for entry into the Journal Club Bank. The reviewer can modify/edit/delete the journal entry as he or she wishes by contacting Benson Yeh M.D.

Lastly, the journal club review will be indexed and made searchable by our online search engine. This engine catalogs every word, number, and letter so that a search can be made according to the REVIEWER'S NAME OR INSTITUTION, or by any part of the original articles citation (Author name, subject, keywords, etc).

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If you have questions on how to appraise a study, please click here.
In addition, the EBEM Group also maintains a glossary for reference.
If these pages do not address your questions, please feel free to contact us with your questions.

If you wish to search MEDLINE for an article to review, we have included 3 search engines below.

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Note: if you enter the UI into the keyword/subject entries for PubMed, you will be given the Medline match for that article. If you use Ovid, you need to put the suffix .UI to the end of the UI number to get the Medline match.