How to Join the Journal Club Bank

The Journal Club Bank (JCB) is designed specifically for Emergency Medicine Training Programs and Pediatric Emergency Medicine Fellowships. It should be noted that a journal club summary does NOT generally involve a comprehensive review of the literature.

The two-part goal of the JCB is to provide programs a means of gaining immediate access to journal club summarries and to promote inter-institutional discourse pertaining to the review of the medical literature relevant to emergency medicine practice.

Access to clinically relevant medical literature is not always easily attained. This is especially true within EMERGENCY MEDICINE, where clinical encounters are likely to take place at night. Using the JCB, a clinician can retrieve a journal club summary from the EBEM website and determine if it is applicable to an individual patient 24 hours a day.

The JCB can also help to promote inter-institutional communication. Using this resource, residents and faculty within one EM program can retrieve and view journal club summaries of other programs.

The JCB is therefore an ideal forum to promote discussion of the medical literature. Future additions to the website will allow for replies and appendages to the initial journal club summary.

With the availability of this website, we hope that journal club summaries can positively influence patient care. If you wish to join the JCB, please read below.

Journal Club Bank Application Form

The cooperative JCB is a shared library in which many institutions can pool their journal club summaries. The 'bank' holds journal club summaries for member institutions.

With an account and a password, members can browse submitted journal club summaries to the cooperative JCB. In addition, we have provided online calculators and evidence-based questions to facilitate the process of journal club preparation.

Cooperative journal clubs will ease the burden of educators, as reviews from other institutions can be adapted for use.

As stated previously, the JCB will be available to all members at all hours of clincal practice. We hope to break the bonds of literature availability from limiting an evidence based approach to medical practice.

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