MINUTES 2/6/2001

Present: Jim Celentano, Peter Dayan, Barney Eskin, Phil Hubel, Peter Wyer and Ben Yeh.

The meeting was called to order at 5:15 PM by Peter Wyer.


Minutes of the January meeting were reviewed and approved.



Expenses for the workshop were discussed. The only funds that Phil Hubel is aware of having been paid were those for Bill Cordell, the invited tutor. We do not know the exact amount paid for the hotel rooms (probably around $1200). Once the figures have been finalized, we need to contact Roche and/or Pfizer to ask permission to carry the unused funds forward to finance the next workshop.

Peter Dayan will prepare a summary of the evaluations from the workshop.


Expenses for the meals will be between $140-160 per month. Because no educational session was held in December, the meal expense for that month was $225. Although Ann Boehme would prefer establishing a separate account for us, this has yet to be done.


Ben Yeh reports that archiving previous messages to the listserve is in progress.


Peter Wyer reports that the section will be meeting on February 28th.



The internal medicine group of Rosanne Leipzig and Tom McGinn may yet hold a workshop in the fall of 2001. If asked, we will consider participating.


Barney Eskin contacted the Emergency Medicine Foundation office and Judd Hollander, who is chair of the grant review committee. EMF's sole interest is in research, not in funding workshops. Funding is most likely for rigorous scientific studies, such as randomized controlled trials. Ilene Wilets was unable to obtain a copy of a previously funded study for us to review. However, one project that has been funded in the past is Bazarian's study on the effect of teaching evidence-based medicine on residents' abilities to critically review papers ($1000). This may give us some idea of the kind of projects that EMF funds.

Jim Celentano and Barney Eskin prepared a draft of the EMF grant application. However the funds would have to be designated for study expenses and not to cover workshop expenses. Therefore, it was decided to postpone the grant application at least until next year. This will allow us further time to formulate a research proposal and possibly search for other grants that could be used directly to fund the workshop.

One possibility for a research proposal might come from an expansion of the preliminary survey conducted initially by Phil Hubel and later by Barney Eskin. Barney phoned 40 ED physicians from 13 academic EM programs in the NY metropolitan area to find how much they use the internet to search the medical literature. Physicians who took an EBM course in the past did not differ from those who did not in the average frequency with which they searched the literature. A histogram of the frequencies for each group also showed no difference. However, the survey as carried out was probably flawed: bias may have been introduced in the way the physicians were selected and the survey instrument inquired about the frequency but not the depth of searching. Before proceeding further, we would need to modify the survey instrument, trial it, and then decide how to implement it.


Jim Celentano proposed two possibilities for dates, April 16-19 and April 23-26. We chose the first and need to reserve these dates with NYAM. We plan 4 groups of 8, each with 2 tutors and 1 tutor-trainee. We discussed the possibility of including a librarian with each group. Therefore, the total attendees would be just less than 50.

We will adjust the tuition for the workshop to cover the cost. However, we first need to decide on a budget and for this we need to know how many rooms we will need. We will probably continue with the previous format of one tutorial group on Tuesday, two each on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. However, we need to decide on the number of lectures to be given. Consensus is that this will probably be less than in previous NYAM workshops.


Ben Yeh suggested advertising educational sessions to area residency and department directors to increase attendance and requesting those planning to come to notify us so that we can prepare appropriately. He also proposed a repeating curriculum reviewing basic concepts. Barney Eskin suggested one topic might be reviewing web sites that present summary data of NNTs and LRs that would be useful to clinicians. Peter Dayan suggested a one hour lecture format on topics such as improving EBM-based journal club and using EBM for faculty development. Peter Wyer reflected that at least initially, we ought to focus on educational needs of those who attend the meetings regularly, then accommodate others as they come to the meetings.

The next monthly meeting will be held at the NY Academy of Medicine, 1215 Fifth Avenue (at 103rd St.) at 5:15 PM on Tuesday, March 6th. Food will be available. An educational presentation will follow at 6:30 PM. There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 6:30 PM Respectfully submitted
Barney Eskin