MINUTES 11/7/00

Present: Peter Dayan, Barney Eskin, Phil Hubel and Peter Wyer.

The meeting was called to order at 5:30 PM by Peter Wyer.


Minutes of the September meeting were reviewed and approved.



Peter Dayan reported that he will analyze the evaluation forms from the workshop once those missing are obtained from Rosanne Leipzig. Bill Cordell had been one of the tutors and his dramatic teaching style was well-received. Peter Wyer felt that some of the discussion during the two tips sessions he led was on concepts that were too abstract to be generally helpful to most participants.


Phil Hubel has yet to receive a final report from Ann Boehme on the status of our account at NYAM. In addition, we need to finalize our expenditures for the October workshop and have yet to receive the expenses from the invited tutor.



Peter Wyer had written a letter to Neal Flomenbaum, Chairman of the Emergency Medicine Section of NYAM suggesting that we become the focus of the Academy's EM section. In response, Flomenbaum asked that a steering committee be set up to coordinate the activities of the section and that Ted Gaeta be included on the committee.

We are contemplating a workshop for the spring of 2002. We thought that such a workshop might be best scheduled to start Monday evening and continue through to Friday noon. Having the first event be a dinner, followed by an organizational meeting was thought to be particularly useful in easing the participants into the activities of the workshop.


We discussed the process of applying for an EMF grant to support a workshop in the spring of 2002; the deadline for the application is February 2001. Barney Eskin volunteered to coordinate this and he will contact Ilene Wilets who had previously offered to help with this, since she has written such grant applications before. We decided that we would need several things in order to do this:

1. proposed budget for the workshop. We will ask Rosanne Leipzig for a summary of the budget of previous workshops to help prepare this. We guessed that the budget for the previous workshops were probably in the range of $40,000-50,000. In addition, we would need to negotiate with Allen Fleischman at NYAM for the expenses involved in using the Academy, including food, computers, and room charges. Since we are an official part of the Academy, we should receive preferential rates for these. To this we would need to add the salary for a coordinator, who, like Pat Gallagher for the previous workshops, would be responsible for administrative activities. Again a ballpark estimate for this would probably be around $10,000.

2. list of previous activities of faculty. These include previous workshops (Wyer 1998, Eskin 1999, Dayan 2000), the Pediatric EM workshop run by Peter Dayan this year, the Annals series of which Peter Wyer and Bill Cordell are editors and the SAEM workshops organized by Stephen Hayden.

3. list of previous participants, their affiliations and positions (obtained from Wyer, Eskin and Dayan, as above).


Peter Dayan described an option available to users of Pubmed by which they can save their Pubmed literature searches on line in a place called the "cubby."

Peter Wyer reported that the Rob Hayward's Centres for Health Evidence site (www.cche.net) will host both the products of the scripts projects as well as an updated compilation of the users' guides, which will also be published in printed book form next year.

The next monthly meeting will be held at the NY Academy of Medicine, 1215 Fifth Avenue (at 103rd St.) at

5:15 PM on Tuesday, December 5th. Food will be available.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 6:50 PM

Respectfully submitted

Barney Eskin