Appraising Relevant Overview or Meta-Analysis - Diagnosis

Are the results applicable to my patients?

Did the disease spectrum in the study population reflect that of the patients for whom I might need this test?

Are there other reasons that this test might perform differently in my patient population?

Can the accuracy reported for this test be achieved in my practice setting?

Will the results effect my management of my patients?

Do the benefits of this test justify the costs, risks, and inconvenience to my patients?

Overall: Does this study answer the original clinical question and is the answer meaningful?

If this study is does not answer the original question or if the answer is not meaningful after the above appraisal, then toss out the study and proceed to the next one.

If the answer to the above overall question is YES, then write a C.A.T. so the rest of us don't need to look this up again for a while.